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With the Pro-Trigger you are going the get better right now!  The first time you put on your Pro-Trigger you’re going to feel something truly amazing.  While, most new users describe it as different or unusual at first.  The most common reaction to hitting the golf ball after going through the short series of Pro-Trigger drills is one of WOW!  Get yourself a Pro-Trigger and you are just minutes away from the best ball striking of your life.

With the Pro-Trigger you’ll finally gain the understanding of the golf swing you’ve been looking for. The Pro-Trigger is going to show once and for all how and why your golf swing works.  More importantly, the Pro-Trigger is going to show you exactly what it feels like to hit the ball with the same power, accuracy, consistency and simplicity as the game’s greatest ball strikers and have YOU hitting the best golf shot of your life!

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The revolutionary new patent pending Pro-Trigger, golf swing trainer. Teaches you the secret of golf’s greatest ball strikers.  With the Pro-Trigger you will hit the ball with more power, better accuracy, greater consistency and less effort than ever before. There has never before been anything like it.  With the Pro-Trigger you will have…

Let me ask you.  How is it that someone can take lessons, read instructional books, watch instructional videos, practice and play and still not know how to play golf?   Is golf really that hard?  Is there something wrong with you? The answer to that is NO!  The problem isn’t you!

                 The problem is that golf has never before been properly taught to you, UNTIL NOW!